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Has the exterior of your residential or commercial property lost its curb- appeal? Have natural elements such as dirt, pollen, algae, mildew, moss or debris taken over the exterior of your home or business? Call us today at EverClear Solar Panel Cleaning for your free estimate and let us help you boost your curb appeal.




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Solar Panel Cleaning


Have you or someone that you know invested in solar panels for residential or commercial properties? Have you ever thought about cleaning them? Solar panels are exposed to dust, dirt, pollen and animal droppings creating a layer that settles on your solar panels. For example, if a layer of dust and pollen settles on your car windshield, is the layer easily removed when you turn on your car windshield wipers? Removing the layer of debris from solar panels especially solar panels that are inconveniently located away from a water source. Require considerably more work to properly clean and maintain your solar panels.


Why you need your solar panels professionally cleaned


  • Do solar panels need cleaned and how often: Yes, solar panels need to be cleaned regularly. Dirty solar panels can decrease performance by up to 25% or more depending on location and soiling. Ideally residential solar panel systems are recommended to be cleaned twice a year, Commercial solar systems are recommended to be cleaned every three to four months out of the year. Solar panels are only productive when sunlight reaches their solar cells, and anything that blocks sunlight reduces their output. This includes but not limited to dust, pollen, dirt, snow, ice and debris or any objects that cover the solar panels surface.


  • Protect your investment: At EverClear Solar Panel Cleaning not only do we professionally clean your solar panels. We also inspect them for any signs of damage. We do a thorough walk thru and inspect all of the solar panels for any damages that may have occurred. We check for some of the following items, glass breakage and signs of critter damage from animals such as birds and squirrels. One of the first things we do when on the job site is document everything with any notes and before and after pictures of your solar panel system.


  • Our cleaning method: At EverClear Solar Panel Cleaning we use some of the latest in technology to clean solar panels. We use a water powered rotating brush that is specifically made for cleaning solar panels. We only use de-ionized water to clean solar panels, no harsh chemicals. De-ionized water is pure water and nothing else, it is also known as de-mineralized water which means that all minerals and other impurites have been removed from the water leaving the water pure. So this does a couple of things for the water, first it makes the water non-conductive meaning that it doesn't conduct electricity. Second is that it gives the water a positive charge, and that will make the water pick up and remove the dirt and debris on the solar panels. When the de-ionized water evaporates it will leave a spot free rinse on the solar panels due to the minerals and impurites being removed from the water. Anything that inhibits the sunlight from reaching your solar panels, such as dust, dirt pollen, animal droppings and debris is decreasing your solar panels performance. So, call us today and let us help you get your efficiency back on track.



Roof Washing


Have you ever been driving down the road and noticed black streaks and markings on the roofs of properties your driving by? Here at EverClear Solar Panel Cleaning we know how to take care of them. The black streaks and markings you noticed are a form of blue green algae called Gloeocapsa Magma. This algae thrives on the limestone in asphalt shingles. At Everclear Solar Panel Cleaning we can help clean and maintain your residential or commercial roof, to keep it looking good for years to come.


Benefits of regular roof washing 


  • Boost your curb appeal: Soft washing with our proprietary roof washing formula will kill the algae that is growing on your roof and damaging your shingles.


  • Increase the life span of your shingles: Roof algae thrives on the limestone filler in your shingles which will degrade and shorten your shingles lifespan overtime. With a occasional roof cleaning this will help prevent the black marks and streaks from returning.


  • Preventative maintenance: Cleaning and maintaining your roof on a regularly basis can help prevent  and remove the algae from your roof. An occasional cleaning will help keep those black streaks and marks away. Call us today at EverClear Solar Panel Cleaning for your free roof wash estimate today!



 House Washing


At EverClear Solar Panel Cleaning we wash your residential or commercial property using a method that is called soft washing. Soft washing is a low pressure (60-100 psi) technique that ensures your property will not be exposed to any risk throughout the cleaning process. Soft washing unlike pressure washing will actually remove dirt, debris and organic growth on your vinyl siding without disrupting the oxidation. Pressure washing only gets the top layer and will not kill the root problem.


Benefits of house washing


  • Preventative maintenance: House washing should be considered a part of your home or properties routine maintenance. House washing will benefit your home or property in many ways. This service will protect your home and properties appearance and remove harmful items such as mildew, algae, pollen, dust, animal droppings and more. Call us today to schedule a house washing and let us professionally and effectively start removing those growths and protect your property.


  • Boost Your Curb Appeal: House washing will give your property a complete makeover without having to spend money on renovations. House washing can remove years of stains and harmful growths that have taken over the appearance of your property's exterior. Call us today to give your home or property a fresh look and let us help you take pride in your home's exterior.


  • Increase Property Value: Are you looking to put your home or property on the market. House washing could be the difference in making a sale. The exterior of your property can develop years of stains and discolor overtime, due to this your property can lose value. House washing can help refresh your home and properties exterior and help it be market ready.



Surface Cleaning


Overtime concrete surfaces build up grime and become dirty from vehicles, stains, dirt and debris from the environment. Are you ready to refresh the appearance of your flat surfaces at your residential or commercial property? Do you have a driveway, sidewalk, patio or pool deck that needs attention and would like to boost your curb appeal? Call us today and let us help make your properties exterior look more appealing.


Benefits to cleaning your concrete surfaces regularly


  • Boost your curb appeal: Power washing your residential and commercial surfaces regularly will help make your properties exterior look more appealing.


  • Mold, moss and mildew: Do you have any areas where your driveway or walkways are shaded? Overtime Mold, moss and mildew will take over. Regularly power washing your surfaces will help prevent the surfaces from being taken over by the natural elements before they get out of hand.


  • Increase the lifespan of your driveway or walkway: Regularly pressure washing your driveway and walkways will prevent aging and cracks, so your surfaces last longer.



Gutter Cleaning


Gutters accumulate grime and debris throughout the year. Leaves, sticks, moss, pollen and debris combine to create buildup that will not let your gutters do their job properly. Overtime these clogs can lead to major water damage if not properly cleaned and kept care of. Contact us today to schedule a residential or commercial gutter cleaning service. We will be happy to answer any questions and provide you with a free estimate.


Benefits to clean your gutters regularly


  • Prevent Water Damage: When gutters and downspouts are clogged with leaves and debris, water will not drain properly. When water overflows from gutters, it can cause water damage to the exterior and interior of your property.


  • Protect Your Roof: Clogged gutters provides rainwater with nowhere to go. When the rainwater has nowhere to go the water will overflow and could cause a rotten or leaky roof.


  • Keep Pests From Causing Trouble: Clogged gutters can make good homes for birds, insects and rodents.